Bird Watching

If you enjoy bird watching, the best you can do is hang a bird feeder from a branch of a tree in your own backyard. Assuming you have a bird feeder, a tree and a backyard, naturally. I have a bird feeder, my neighbour has a tree, and my niece has a backyard. That’s why I can sometimes spot these birds below: the Northern Cardinal, the House Finch, and the Black-capped Chickadee. The pictures, I found on the Internet. I left my camera in Spain and hope to retrieve it the next time I visit—in a year or so, God willing. The exercise attached, I designed for NI1 students, but I’m sure some of you NB2 students will easily answer correctly as well.

Northern Cardinal

House Finch


Black-capped Chickadee




10.07.07. Force-Feeding, Intermediate, Multiple Choices, Vocabulary.

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