The Zero Conditional

In the Zero Conditional, a.k.a. Scientific Conditional, we deal with a real situation: we are talking facts. Both the main clause and the subordinate or “if” clause take the Present Simple.

You die if you drink poison.

The order of the clauses is irrelevant. However, if the subordinate clause goes first, a comma precedes the main clause.

If you drink poison, you die.

We may substitute “when” for “if” with hardly any difference in meaning.

When you drink poison, you die.

The Zero Conditional can also take the Past Simple in both clauses.

If we behaved, our grandmother bought us sweets.

Listen to Goldie Hawn sing Nobody Does it Like Me and fill in the gaps with the missing words you hear. Most of the sentences in this song are Zero Conditionals. It will help you remember this structure.




10.07.07. Basic, Force-Feeding, Grammar, Humour, Lyrics, Music.

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