How to Write a Thank-you Note

According to Tom Chiarella, in order to write a thank-you note, you “follow a simple formula like this one:

  §   First line is a thesis statement.

  §   The second line is evidentiary.

  §   The third is a kind of assertion.

  §   Close on an uptick.”

And he forwards the following example:

 “Thanks for having me over to watch game six. Even though they won, it’s clear the Red Sox are a soulless, overmarketed contrivance of Fox TV. Still, I’m awfully happy you have that huge high-def television. Next time, I really will bring beer. Yours, X.”

My own example is more like a letter than a note, for I include the sender’s address, the date, the addressee’s name (title and surname as a show of respect since the sender’s writing to someone older than her, possibly her landlady or her former schoolteacher), a farewell formula, and the sender’s signature. Don’t let the title and surname (Mrs Cairns) fool you: it still remains an informal letter—notice how the sender signs her name (Dolores), not her name and surname. For NB2 students.



10.07.07. Basic, Composition Topics, Force-Feeding.

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