How to Write an Essay

The structure of a ‘for and against essay’ is quite simple.

You start with an introduction where you identify the subject, highlight any major debates that lie behind the question and mark the essay’s key argument in ever so brief and highly focused terms.

Then you proceed to the main section, where you outline your point of view, give reasons for holding it, and offer evidence to back up your claim. You may do this by choosing to present all your arguments together in one paragraph (thesis), and then go on to expound all counterarguments in another (antithesis), or you may balance each argument with its counterargument in separate paragraphs by introducing first your line of argument and then your opponent’s, or the other way round: first your opponent’s beliefs and then your more sensible, always more sensible, reasons.

And so you reach the conclusion, where the reader should be left with a crystal clear impression of your stance—in other words what you believe in and why you believe this.

Now read the essay on children and public spaces that I have written expressly for my NA2 students so they may become acquainted with the layout. Enjoy, mein Lieber!

should_children_ be_ allowed_ in_ public_ places


10.07.07. Advanced, Composition Topics, Force-Feeding.

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