Writing a Film Review

Ask yourself the following questions before writing a film review:

  1. What genre does the film belong to (comedy, romance, thriller, western, etc.)?
  2. Who directed it?
  3. Who stars in it?
  4. When was it released?
  5. When and where is it set?
  6. Who are the main characters?
  7. What is it about?
  8. Which is the most memorable scene?
  9. Which are its best features (acting, art direction, casting, costumes, direction, editing, make-up, photography, script, special effects, soundtrack, etc.)?
  10. Who does the film appeal to?

Now read Antonio’s review of Erich Von Stroheim’s unfinished masterpiece Queen Kelly, which is by and large considered to be his last film, and see if those ten questions have been answered. After that, choose a film and, following the outline above, write your own review. For NB2 students.



10.07.07. Basic, Composition Topics, Films, Force-Feeding.

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