What Harm a Cocktail of Boredom and Youth Can Do

Here are a couple of exercises for NB2 students. The first one’s a sentence completion exercise: you look at a picture and think of a word that could fit in the gap next to it, as in the example (0). Then, once you think you’ve come up with the words, you listen to the song and check your answers. For your information, a runaway is a person or animal that has run away, left his or its home, for whatever reason, never to go back. Soul Asylum’s song had a powerful effect on runaway kids in the States in the late nineties. After listening to the lyrics, many of them decided to go back where they belonged, to their families and homes—which is no small achievement for a rock and roll band.




 The second exercise is a True or False one: you have to decide whether the statements are one or the other after having read a teenager’s diary entry. It might be interesting if you got some background information before you do it, since most of you may know who Soul Asylum are, but some may not know its lead singer’s name—nor who’s Les Claypool, Vanna White or Jem.

Soul Asylum


Dave Pirner


Les Claypool


Vanna White




Bloom County





10.07.07. Basic, Force-Feeding, Gapped Texts, Lyrics, Music, True or False, Vocabulary.

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