Ordering Food by Phone

The Bleeding Horse Inn in Dublin

Here’s a sample oral interaction test that is quite similar to the one NB2 students will be sitting in June. In this case, you are phoning a restaurant to order take-away food. Where it says ‘Jane Doe,’ you should say your name, and where ‘Jane’ spells her name, you should spell yours. If your surname is ‘Ordóñez,’ that ‘ñ’ is an ‘n’ with a tilde. As for the stress mark on the ‘o,’ I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it: they probably won’t know what a stress mark is—or a tilde, for that matter.

 If you are a man, you can skip the lines where the teacher asks if the student is a ‘Mrs, Ms, or Miss’ and the student answers ‘Miss.’ How come? Because a man is always going to be a ‘Mr,’ that’s why. (Ladies, that life’s unfair is yesterday’s news.) As for the name and address of the inn or hotel where ‘Miss Doe’ is staying, you can use a different one more to your liking. Same goes for the food you order.



10.07.07. Basic, Force-Feeding, Vivas.

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