Harold as Seen Through a Mousehole

I didn’t mean to publish this picture here. I have good reasons to do so. I took this photo of Harold, the cat who I share a flat with, last spring or summer, and sent it as Christmas greetings to a good friend of mine to whom I owe a small favour that he mistakenly considers to be great. He threatened to publish it in his blogs (yes, he has several, though I wouldn’t call them blogs, they’re more like self-advertisements), which leaves me no option but to race against time. What’s the big deal? Oh, well. If you can’t see the resemblance to Friedrich Overbeck’s Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr, like good ole Natalia Landauer used to say, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t help you.’


10.07.07. Art Forlorn, Diary.

One Comment

  1. Sukey replied:

    This picture is just the way it should be. It isn’t blurred, there’s nothing wrong with its pixels, it’s the way I like it. Darn! I took the picture, I should know what I wanted it to look like. Why must images necessarily be sharp and edgy to please the common standard, the untrained eye?

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