Lavender Sorbet

Read this sorbet recipe, and then do the exercise in the attached file. For A2/A2+ students of English.

Ingredients: Two ripe Ogen melons, the juice of two lemons, 120gm (4oz) of caster sugar, 15 gm (1/2oz) lavender flowers (fresh or dried), two egg whites, bottle of dry sparkling wine or champagne.

Method: Liquidise the melons, lemon juice and castor sugar. Infuse the lavander flowers for 12 minutes only in the gently warmed sparkling wine. Drain and press trough sieve. Add this liquid to the purée followed by the egg whites. Add a drop or so of blue vegetable colouring and put in an ice-cream machine until done, or whisk the mixture together and freeze, whisking every twenty minutes until set.

A most unusual flavour, don’t you agree?




10.07.07. Force-Feeding, Recipes, Vocabulary.

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