The Spectator’s Mary on Facelifts

Imagine you were agony aunt Mary from the weekly magazine The Spectator and you had received the following problem from one of your readers, which you have been required to solve for the upcoming issue. Write your answer to his/her question in 100120 words.

Dear Mary,

A close friend has had some sort of non-surgical facelift and looks twenty if not thirty years younger, although still with a full repertoire of facial expressions and absolutely none of the paralysis of Botox. What is annoying is that she will not admit she has had anything done at all, claiming the transformation is entirely due to her being ‘more relaxed’. I find this insulting to my intelligence. How can I force a confession out of her?

A.S., Dublin

Mary’s Answer to A.S.’s Problem


10.07.07. Composition Topics, Force-Feeding, Intermediate.

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