Ciudad Real, Sunday XV.VII.MMVII

There is a term in Persian, ‘the patient stone,’ which is often used in times of anxiety and turbulence. Supposedly, a person pours out all his troubles and woes into the stone. It will listen and absorb his pains and secrets, and this way he will be cured. Sometimes the stone can no longer endure its burden and then it bursts.
Nafisi, A. (MMIII). Reading Lolita in Tehran. A Memoir in Books. London: Harper Perennial.

This is so, so like me. People dump their misery on me because I’m polite. I’m not taking more of this shit. Like I told Agustín (F___________) last Thursday, if you want me to listen to you, you’ll have to pay for the psychiatric help you’ve been getting for free from now on. Keep a diary, for chrissake; don’t unburden your woes on me.


10.07.07. Diary.

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